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Having a distinctive vocal style by singing through his gut, LaMontagne will give you some tenor croon that you can’t find elsewhere. Winning several awards because he started his own musical career, Ray LaMontagne was even recognized as with the Best Voice in 2006 by Esquire.


Children performing a set of albums of modern popular songs, the Kidz Bop has constantly been on the Billboard with heavy airplay even before the actual launch of the record. Since its introduction, the Kidz Bop has got several Kids’ Album Artist Award up to the current. With various tours yearly due to its profound fame, the Kidz Bop is one of the much-awaited concert across the world.


An English actor and singer at exactly the exact same time, Daltrey has been part of a few groups but has experienced success with his own solo endeavors. Having toured the globe with a couple partners, Roger Daltrey has up to now published eight solo studio records. With Peter Townshend, Daltrey will soon be releasing his 9th record.

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