The evolution of watching movies in homes came from a long line of products starting with an 8 mm film in reels then to VHS followed by the DVD into the Blu-ray with the latest digital downloads and streaming. Streaming of videos and movies sites has rapidly replaced the broadcast, physical discs and cable TV. The evolution even resulted in many households “cutting the cord” from their cable subscriptions. Though there were still many households that never paid cable in the first place. Movie streaming sites no credit card required broadcast TV which is more advantageous since it is for FREE. As in the case of online streaming, watching free movies online can only happen by pirating copies, really? Of course not!Probably before, yes, before, but at present it is possible to watch free movie online from Movie glide.

What are these sites?

  1. Ad-supported sites – they allow free streaming services but you must either watch some ads in between the streaming time and then after that streaming resumes. They also have an option of skipping the ad after 5 seconds, but if you get interested of what this ad is telling chances are you will allow it complete it’s airing and take note of the product.
  2. YouTube has a movie channel that allows free streaming and is available for free.
  3. Free streaming sites that offer free membership but towards the end, they will encourage you to upgrade your membership for a fee but you will have better choices of movies.
  4. Documentary Sites – allows free watching but movies are all documentaries
  5. Internet Archive – this site holds copies of films that enter in the classification of the public domain. Mostly the movies provided here are classics but it is for free.


If you are that person who is not in the mood to battle the movie theater crowd, then, streaming a free movie from the comfort of home is the best option for you for you.