Instagram is one of the other popular social media sites people use. The thing that made Instagram really popular was that the photos people took came out in those classic qualities. However, like most social media sites, Instagram had to evolve so that it could attract new users as well as stay up and operational. There are a lot of things that you can do on  videos in instagram stories today and here’s a few of them.

A few things you can do on your Instagram

  • You can still take photos which is the main attraction to Instagram in the first place. You can always take photos for personal use or share them around for people to see.
  • There are those that can also take videos on Instagram. The quality can be different but it is pretty much the standard way of taking videos like any social media site.
  • You can also post text-based things but you can add some photos and videos on it.
  • Then there is the addition of Instagram stories. You can make a storyboard with a series of photos and videos in Instagram stories. You can edit these stories using the different applications and tools that Instagram stories have to offer.

Just a few things to consider

  • Remember that you don’t always have to share these things with everyone. You can choose who can view your posts, photos, videos, and more. The good thing is that you can always just change that every other time.
  • You also need to be responsible with what you post and share online. That’s because people may get offended with what they put up. It may not have a big deal but that’s depending on how you see it so just be careful.


Use Instagram to any way you want it to be as long as it is available of course.